编辑出版习题 6523

in a broad sense, a sentence is composed of two parts: the subject and the predicate.

in the sentence: "it is hard for the boy to get the book on the shelf.", "the boy" is the logical subject.

a linking verb is a verb form to link the subject and the complement or predicative.

the predicate part may comprise predicate verb, object, complement and adverbial.

a finite verb form can change according to tense and subject.

a non-finite verb form can change according to tense and subject.

a gerund performs the same functions as a noun.

if the verb is intransitive, then its -ed participle only indicates a finished action, and -ing participle an on-going action

henry bought his mother some flowers. in this sentence, 'some flouwers' is the direct object.

in the sentence "i found her a lovely girl", "a lovely girl" is the complement to the object.

please tell the function(s) of the underlined part(s) in each sentence. how many pairs of shorts should you and your brother bring?

please tell the function(s) of the underlined part(s) in each sentence. celine teaches the children spoken english.

please tell the function(s) of the underlined part(s) in each sentence. the directors appointed him sales manager.

please tell the function(s) of the underlined part(s) in each sentence. he found it astonishing how they could accomplish it.

please tell the function(s) of the underlined part(s) in each sentence. she imagined it easy to learn a language. what does the underlined part function as?

it is ___ who am to blame.

___ the piano is one of my favorite pastimes.

____ is for him to decide.

i shall see to ___ that he is taken good care of when you are absent.

i saw ____.

the early achievements in space exploration were all crash-landings, each spacecraft _________.

"eric nearly always wins the science award." "that's because his projects are __________."

please identify the subject of the main clause in the following sentence. then, with world war ii, came the development of the weapon that has since become a general threat to life on earth: the atomic bomb.

which of the underlined parts in the four sentences functions differently from the others?

which of the underlined what- structures functions differently from the others?

i was awake. i was wondering. what had been filled into his bag?

attributives refer to words, phrases or clauses that are used to modify nouns or pronouns.

adverbial isn't required for a complete sentence, but is necessary for specific image presentation.

many phrases can be used as adverbials referring to time, causes, conditions, concession, purposes, and exceptions, etc.

a compliment is a part of a sentence that gives more information about the subject, or, in some structures, about the object.

please tell the function(s) of the underlined part(s) in each sentence. she imagined it easy to learn a language. what does the underlined part function as?

please tell the function(s) of the underlined part(s) in each sentence. tom flung open the door and rushed out of the room, totally losing his calmness.

please tell the function(s) of the underlined part(s) in each sentence. in general, the controls imposed upon children represents the needs of parents and the values of the community as much as the child's own happiness and well-being.

please tell the function(s) of the underlined part(s) in each sentence. the ultimate objective of cloning technology is to cure human diseases.

please tell the function(s) of the underlined part(s) in each sentence. similarly, we feel comfortable with people with physical qualities similar to ours.

please choose the best answer for each incomplete sentence. the early achievements in space exploration were all crash-landings, each spacecraft _________.

please choose the best answer for each incomplete sentence. "eric nearly always wins the science award." "that's because his projects are __________."

please choose the best answer for each incomplete sentence. the hostess always prepares corned beef and sometimes an ____________ vegetable.

please choose the best answer for each incomplete sentence. kill and i will meet some friends ____________________________.

please choose the best answer for each incomplete sentence. it is considered very __________ to eat in the classroom and most schools have a separate cafeteria.

where does she come from is still a secret.这是一句语法错误的句子。

object clauses usually begin with subordinating words like how, why, what, where, and whether, etc.

we use a relative clause to give additional information about something without starting another sentence.

the antecedent of "when" includes time, day, season, age, occasion, etc.

______ makes the school proud was ________ more than 90% of the students has been admitted to key universities.

it is known to all that_______ you exercise regularly, you won’t keep good health.

________some people regard as a drawback is seen as a plug by many others.

do you know ________ this time yesterday?

—what did your parents think about your decision? — they always let me do ________ i think i should.

the hours _______ the children spend in their one-way relationship with television people, undoubtedly affect their relationships with real-life people.

no one can use cell phones in any areas at the hospital _______ equipment might be affected by the interference from cell phones.

the atmosphere at the college is that of an environment _______ a relationship of mutual respect is encouraged between students and tutors.

many economists believe that advertising helps increase competition, _______ leads to lower prices, thus benefiting consumers and the economy as a whole.

_______ is common knowledge, she is very popular among her students.

“where” refers to a place in the non-restrictive relative clause.

the zero relative pronoun cannot be the subject of the verb in the relative clause.

critici and self-critici is necessary _______ it helps us correct our mistakes. which answer is correct ? a. before b. in that c. so d. when

adverbial clauses are those that perform the function of adverbial in a complex sentence.

she got up early so that she caught the bus. in this sentence, "so that" introduces the clause of _______. a. result b. purpose c. condition d. concession

if the clauses talk about the unreal condition or the condition that is contrary to fact, subjunctive mood will be used.

which of us _______ knows something about physics does not know this ?

to a highly imaginative writer, _______ is a pad of paper and a pen.

_______ can be seen from the comparison of these figures, the principle involves the active participation of the patient in the modification of his condition.

this is an exciting area of study, and one _______ new applications are being discovered almost daily.

—is that the all town you often refer to? —right, just the one _______ you know i used to work for years.

请在划线处填上适当的词,使得两个短句的合并句子正确并完整。 a. you keep walking. b. you arrive at the destination. _______you keep walking, you will arrive at the destination.

请在划线处填上适当的词,使得两个短句的合并句子正确并完整。 a. chinese people have realized it. b. happiness comes from hard work. n chinese people have realized ______ happiness comes from hard work.

请在划线处填上适当的词,使得两个短句的合并句子正确并完整。 a. the people have granted power to us. b. we must serve the people wholeheartedly. the people have granted power to us, ________ we must serve them wholeheartedly.

an appositive can be a noun, a noun phrase, or a noun clause.

the appositive clause has the function of an attribute, identifying and renaming the noun before.

a predicative typically express a property assigned to a "subject", i.e., the subject of the main clause.

as families move away from their stable community, their friends of many years, their extended family relationships, the informal flow of information is cut off, and with it the confidence that information will be available when needed and will be trustworthy and reliable. 请问这个句子的同位语成分是哪个?

the question is _____ the film is worth seeing.

see the falgs on top of the building? that was_____ we did this morning.

information has been put forward ________ more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities.

doris' success lies in the fact__________ she is cooperative and eager to learn from others.

an independent clause is a clause that can stand alone as a sentence.

a compound sentence is a sentence that has a t least two independent clauses joined by a comma, semicolon or coordinating conjunction.

a complex sentence is a sentence with one independent clause and at least one dependent clause.

a cleft sentence is an emphatic construction with non-referring it as formal subject.

five people won the “china’s green figure” award, a title ______ to ordinary people for their contributions to environmental protection.

i was told that there were about 50 foreign students ______ chinese in the school, most ______ were from germany.

everywhere you can see people in their holiday dress, ______ with iles.

many students ______ around, i explained the story into details.

i have five friends, some of ______ are businesen.

i have five friends, but none of ______ are business-men.

________ at the photos, illustrations, title and headings and you can guess what the reading is about.

when the united states entered just such a glowing period after the end of the second world war, it had a market eight times larger than any compe, giving its industries unparalleled economies of scale. 这句话中,giving its industries unparalleled economies of scale,充当的成分是:

the coming of age of the postwar baby boom and an entry of women into the male-dominated job market have limited the opportunities of teenagers who are already questioning the heavy personal sacrifices involved in climbing japan's rigid social ladder to good schools and jobs. 这句话,有几个主语?

in fact, it is difficult to see how journalists who do not have a clear grasp of the basic features of the canadian constitution can do a competent job on political stories. 这句话真正的主语是?

i have excluded him because, while his accomplishments may contribute to the solution of moral problems, he has not been charged with the task of approaching any but the factual aspects of those problems. 此句中because 后面的从句是:

however, whether such a sense of fairness evolved independently in capuchins and humans, or whether it stems from the common ancestor that the species had 35 million years ago, is, as yet, an unanswered question. 这个句中的主语从句有几个?

请问哪个选项可以更好地把句子补充完整? the world wildlife fund has declared that global warming, _____________________________, will create havoc among migratory birds by altering the environment in ways harmful to their habitats.

such large, impersonal manipulation of capital and industry greatly increased the numbers and importance of shareholders as a class, an element in national life representing irresponsible wealth detached from the land and the duties of the landowners; and almost equally detached from the responsible management of business. 这个句中后置定语有几个?

among the many shaping factors, i would single out the country's excellent elementary schools; a labor force that welcomed the new technology; the practice of giving premiums to inventors; and above all the american genius for nonverbal, "spatial" thinking about things technological. 此句中并列宾语有几个?


the axe is __________ the hoe.

which is _____ of the two watches?

this is _________ at the meeting.

where tuberculosis had vanished, it came back; in many places where it __________ away, it grew worse.

do you wish your breakfast ___ to your room, madam?

____ college students should learn more about chinese history.

he is satisfied with ___ his son has achieved.

the students expected there ___ more reviewing classes before the final exams.

it was a matter of ___ would take the position.

i want you to keep me ___ of how things are going with you.

the authority did not only accept their terms, ___ put them all into prison.

my mind wandered ___ in grammar class.

the patient wanted _____ good care of by the nurses.

they preferred her ___ out after bedtime.

she can’t help ___ whether we should risk ___ there.

he has made it clear ___ he won’t agree to the plan.

do you mind ___oking?

ronnie looked sweet, sitting there _______, he dark, curly head bent, and her brown eyes ________ her needle.

identify the verb class in the sentence “the soup tastes better now”.

the problem is __________ they can complete the project on time.

the mere fact ____ most people believe nuclear war would be madness does not mean that it will not occur.

evidence came up ______ specific speech sounds are recognized by babies as young as 6 months old.

“the purpose of the exchange program is to promote the understanding between the two countries.” the underlined part is the _________ of the sentence.

_______ seems clear that homer’s account of a trojan war hast at least some basis in historic fact.

your proposal that they ____ their conversation in french is quite reasonable.

_______ public acceptance of a single yardstick of time, social life would be unbearably chaotic.

it is only in the most difficult circumstances _______ one’s moral character can be fully tested.

they are determined that farmers _______ from the government.

how can i concentrate if you _________ continually ______ me with silly questions?

she is a better speaker than _____ in the class. 

________ your advice, i would have made the wrong decision.

the experiment requires more money than _______.

she did her work ______ her manager had instructed.

jean-philippe siblet, an ornithologist at the natural history museum in paris, linked the seagulls’ move to the city to their growing difficulty in finding food along the coasts, ecosystems are increasingly upset by touri and construction.

disney is rebooting home alone and night at the museum for its new tv streaming service, is intended to rival netflix.

concerns the fashion industry in the united kingdom is becoming increasingly dominated by throwaway “fast fashion” have again been highlighted by an investigation that shows that britons now buy five times as much clothing per year as they did in 1980s.

on wednesday, temperatures continued to soar across many parts of japan, with the mercury above 35c in numerous regions.

problems of upbringing are recognized to be problems of relationships within the inidual family, the first necessity __________ a secure emotional background with parents who are united in their attitude to their children.

high school and college offer you the best chance to learn broadly --- math, history, various sciences --- and to do projects with other kids that teach you firsthand about group dynamics. what does the underlined "that" refer to?

the phenomenal growth of internet businesses is already fueling a klondike-style gold rush with far too many diggers _________ for far too little gold.


there is no doubt, however, that it is the increasing number of applicants with university education at all points in the process of engaging staff that has led to the greater importance of the curriculum vitae. what does the underlined "that" refer to?

non-traditional students, _____________ female, began to study on a part-time basis, the numbers of women going to graduate school increased, and women sought entry to the non-traditional position of university faculty member.

women who live in areas of high air pollution, ___________ invisible particles from traffic fumes, coal-fired power stations and wood fires, are at increased risk of heart disease and death, according to a study.

if i ever had any doubts about how demanding a teacher's job is, it would have disappeared for good when i spent some time recently in schools. 该复杂句中不含有:

if you want to write long sentences, please make sure that the sentence is under control from beginning to end, in syntax and punctuation, so that the reader knows where he is at every step of the winding trail. 该长句中含有:

_______ high mountains _______ into jagged rocky waters, fiordland has never had any significant permanent population.

group a worked uninterrupted in a sound-proof room; group b was subjected to continuous noise. what is the function of the underlined "uninterrupted"?

in studies, subjects asked to distinguish truth from lies answer _______________.

we had initially planned to remove all of the old furniture from the storage area, but we decided against doing so because it ________ too much time.

poets during the romantic period felt __________ to express emotions in their writing than did poets of the victorian period.

it seems for her to be very happy today.

because ill, he didn’t attend the meeting.

although was frightened, he managed to run away.

he is double her age.

his wife, i presume, was not listening to him.

the inhabitants don’t like discomfort, and have developed advanced techniques to make summer life tolerable; air-conditioning is one of the symbols of a home or office or factory that are based on reasonable economic success.

only when the process of meeting the basic need for food reached a certain level of sophistication it was possible for humans to follow other pursuits such as the founding of cities.

high school and college students today are pushed so much in the direction of specialization that little time is left for the further development of the basic reading skills initiating in earlier years.

helen was much kinder to her youngest child than she was to the others, what, of course, made them jealous.

on no account would i borrow money from friends , and still less i would be dependent on the favors of rich relatives.

i have a good friend who’s name is liu mei.

soon i began to enjoy talk to myself on paper.

there will an important game next year.

my pronunciation is terribly.

since her huand had died, so she had to support her family.

animation film ne zha, based on a chinese folktale in which the young hero name ne zha fights a dragon king for sake of the people, has created a box office miracle in china this summer, grossing at least 2 billion yuan in less than two weeks and set a new record for chinese animations.

beijing welcomes constructive ideas from other countries and regions to facilitate hong kong’s further development, it will be vigilant against disruptive elements and will never tolerate outside intervention in hong kong.

in the past nine years, yanchang, china’s fourth-largest oil company, has invested more than 47 billion yuan in technological innovations, which has cemented its status as shaanxi’s largest state-owned enterprise and the biggest contributor to the province’s finances through tax.

the united states has a high number of people of irish ancestry, which form an influential political bloc.

during the first six months of this year, major chinese internet companies saw revenue rise by 17.9 percent on an annualized basis, while internet platforms helped add over 60 million jobs in 2018.

after the people of two countries come to understand each other and their interests are intertwined, relations between their governments and countries will be stable and peace and development will also be guaranteed.

his dream of learning chinese is on the way to being fulfilled before he enrolled at the confucius institute earlier this year.

europe is edging toward a crisis, as several of its largest economies face recession or a political crisis, ysts have said.

at monday's news conference, trump spoke as if the idea of making money off the summit never entered his mind.

the average concentration of pm 2.5 in this city has been the lowest last month until the data was first collected in 2013.

although he has finally decided to dispatch armed forces to fight the fires, brazilian president attributed the fires to dry, hot weather and the deliberate actions of nongovernmental organizations whose funding has been cut.

where there is grass, there are grasshoppers.

i'm honored to be with you today so that you accomplished something i never could.

if i get through this speech, it'll be the first time i actually finish something at harvard.

before i had to understand everything about connecting people if i began, i never would have started facebook.

cathy was the first girl whom i saw on the campus. => cathy was the first girl ____ on the campus.

women who look after all children generally get paid with $8-12 an hour. => women ____ after all children generally get paid with $8-12 an hour.

this book, which was written in simple english, is suitable to beginners. => this book ____ in simple english is suitable to beginners.

there is no hope that i will get another gift from my parents. => there is no hope ____ another gift from my parents.

there is a possibility that he has arrived this morning. => there is a possibility ____ this morning.

when he had grown up in a slum in new york, he made up his mind to be a millionaire. => ____ up in a slum in new york, he made up his mind to be a millionaire.

i should recommend that you be more careful. => i should recommend you ____ more careful.

members of the government acknowledge that many of their predictions were over-optimistic. => members of the government acknowledge many of their predictions ____ over-optimistic.

although most people once thought that it was impossible, several climbers have now scaled the north face of the eigar in winter. => although most people thought it ____ impossible, several climbers have now scaled the north face of the eigar in winter.



单位阶跃信号作用于某线性时不变系统时,零状态响应, 则此系统单位冲激响应为 。


(判断)卷积的方法只适用于线性时不变系统的分析 ( ) 。

以下表述不正确的是 。



已知某系统的数学模型为, 其初始储能为0,那么对于激励信号,系统的响应为__________

线性系统响应的分解特性满足以下规律 。

已知一线性时不变系统,在相同初始条件下: 当激励为时,其全响应为; 当激励为时,其全响应为。 如果初始条件不变,当激励为时,系统的全响应为_____________

(判断)系统的零输入响应表达形式一定与其微分方程的通解形式相同 。

对于不失真系统,其系统特性描述不正确的是 。

关于抑制载波的调制与解调说法错误的是:( )

系统的冲激响应的函数形式与( )

为使因果lti连续系统是稳定的,要求其系统函数h(s)的极零点中( )

关于因果系统,下列说法不正确的是( )

以下说法错误的是; ( )

the company may be reluctant to ________ too far from the basic terms of this agreement, but there are a number of things that are negotiable.

as manager of our computer department, i ________ your employee, john doe, for the prompt and polite service he provided to us last week.

let us be exact in what we say so as to ________ any possibility of misunderstanding.

the company has been developing in a big way and is gaining ________ internationally.

when he is confronted with a ________, he usually makes an arbitrary decision by throwing a coin.

i'll have to write your suggestion ______ as a useless idea.

more seriously, it suggests that history will always deviate ______ any intended route and take an unforeseen one instead.

only by combining our efforts with those of other people can we triumph _____ the difficulties we are now faced with.

people are buying extra groceries in anticipation ______ heavy snowstorms.

the government is firmly committed ____ helping low-income and unemployed citizens.

i suggest we put the scheme into effect, for it is quite ________.

that part of the city has long been ________ for its street violence.

professor hawking is ________ as one of the world's greatest living physicists.

the ball ________ two or three times before rolling down the slope.

________that the demand for power continues to rise at the current rate, it will not be long before traditional sources become inadequate.

i felt sick _______ my stomach reading that book.

the question popped _________ so regularly that i was getting used to it quickly.

as endill made his way ____ a shelf, he had the strongest feeling of being followed.

he was paralyzed ______ the pain of the wound, which pulsed in time to his heartbeat.

they knocked me around and i blacked _____, then they must have locked me up in here.

news media worked overtime to ________ the country as open and "ready" for all nuclear discussions.

we provided information to site administrators about typical functions of ________ library programs.

we just go on in our habitual ways until we are stopped short by one of the many illnesses that ________ our civilization today.

then you do believe in god, but you guess that i do not, and you fear that the admission of your true belief would ________ your chance of employment.

mrs. cummins, very ________ in her duties, watched the whole process with a sensitive eye.

rinny had ________ himself as a skilled craftan at his father's gunmaking shop.

i went to a school where we had to speak french all the time, but outside school hours i ________ to english.

it is hard to conceive ___ living without electricity and other modern conveniences.

retained soil can become saturated ___ water and then exert tremendous pressure.

if i've missed anything, i have had lots of other things to make up ___ it.

we often find regions that are extremely well endowed ___ living things, even in high latitudes, and often in areas where common sense suggests that life might be most difficult.

his associates tell me they try to get him to take time ___, maybe go on vacation, but he almost always refuses.

if a policy does not ________ with a society's values, the likelihood of success diminishes.

now, please open your mouth and ________ the number with me from five.

the poor girl couldn't ________ from her tears any more when her mother showed up.

the vast majority of people in any given culture will ________ to the established standards of that culture.

it is fortunate for the old couple that their son's career goals and their wishes for him ________.

recently a number of voluntary initiatives have sought to ________ a sense of belonging to the community on the part of young people.

in our view, this effect of multiple credit card use could be a serious __________ result of increasing credit card use.

drama, more than any of the other arts, became a popular _________ for young people which grew rapidly not just in quantity but also in standards.

he was ________ by memories of his unhappy childhood well into his life.

it ________ me to have to say it, but you have only yourself to blame.

the un is ________ the distribution of aid to those areas worst affected by the fighting.

the boy ________ easily when he spoke in front of others.

she is so ________ that she believes everything he tells her.

treating animals kindly does not mean that we must never ________ any pain on them.

he is now engaged in a probe into the ________ of matters.

he was disliked because he did not like other people and people were ________ of his wealth.

residents remember all too well the floods of 2010 that caused ten billion dollars in damage and forced thousands to ________.

these books are worth next to ________ to them if they do not want to read.

clarendon ________ his qualities as a statean, describing him as of a self-willed and violent character, deficient (不足的) in judgment and temper.

it is ridiculous that a man who has no claim on the world's attention should nonetheless be able to exact (强求) full ________ from his wife.

it advises artists to ________ from oking or eating while painting, to use face masks and to provide adequate ventilation (通风) by means of an extractor fan.

the committee was satisfied that minor incidents of misconduct or ________ of the chairman had been well handled by the directors within the rules.

the form of social control is more ________, aiming to reintegrate children and families into society rather than to rescue children and punish parents.

the ________ of political neutrality seeks to implement it through a policy of neutrality.

the original answer had been from a woman and the french had ________ her.

the light was ________ as quickly as it had come, and her shoulders curled with disappointment.

it was another ________ in his amazing recovery since a horrific motorway ash two months ago.

elizabeth took over their schooling herself and they seem to have inherited her ________.

he had a round face, a hard set expression, and a way of speaking with his mouth scarcely open so that his words fell out as though ___ the weight of their meaning.

but there are fears that the government's vigorous attempts to clamp ___ on cautioning could mean the end to a well supported and apparently successful scheme.

you should try working ___ the opening exercises in this chapter.

what else could make him behave so ___ of character?

one of the patients could not categorize the expression on faces that she was shown in photographs in terms ___ whether the expression was one of happiness, anger, surprise and so on.

i can still remember your voice dripping ___ love each time you explained a matter to your young son.

earlier this month, the environment department set a date ___ the public inquiry to start on october 26 at a venue to be fixed in liverpool.

even though this area is known ___ backward in terms of civilization, it will become an example of rapid development.

the designer, with whom i have been working since 1999, has played a key role ___ shaping my views of the work.

the titanic disaster led to a number of investigations in great britain and the united states that resulted ___ sweeping changes in maritime (海事的) safety law and ship construction.

i would like someone to invent a rain-sensitive windshield wiper, ________, a computerized wiper that would know how fast to go according to how hard it was raining.

she decided to buy that car because it used less gasoline and had the two ________ she couldn't live without: a gps and a cd player.

the mayor's ambitious plan to build affordable housing for low-income residents was controversial because of the prevailing ________ against public housing.

now she works from home as a full-time employee, providing technical support for companies' websites ________ telephone or email.

he recalled his own experience of seeing a television for the very first time 30 years ago, when it was still a ________. he felt delight and fascination.

during his trip in spain ten years ago, he suddenly ________ of a plan to serve coffee and snacks in his bookstores.

the army is often seen as the last line of defense against both foreign and domestic threats, thus it has been significantly funded and held in high ________.

thomas paine declared that the revolutionary war "contributed more to enlightening the world than any human event that ever ________ it."

to our great surprise, the champion in the cycling race this year ________ his success to the accident which harmed his legs earlier in the year.

the economist ________ both inidual investors and institutional investors and blamed them for the imbalanced development in economy.

we are accused frequently of doing nothing about the ageing population and the ________ hole in pension funds.

social workers ________ come across disturbing cases of child abuse and neglect, and parents who are not cooperative.

women in some african tribes ________ themselves by specific dresses that can convey their regional ties and classes.

in a global, knowledge-driven economy, there is a direct ________ among engineering, education and innovation.

microsoft has emphasized time and time again that they will not ________ owners by releasing games that require additional hardware.

you know i do not like to play games. so, will you please stop beating around the bush and get ___ the point?

the best thing about my boss was that she let me do most of my work from home and gave me enough flexibility to pick up some other jobs ___ the side.

he thinks that two values are attached ___ the act of buying something, with a material value on the one end and a moral value on the other.

the report says that not eating well in older age affects mood and can influence appetite, which __ turn, affects nutrient intake.

she was so worried about weight that she once nearly starved herself ___ death when she discovered that she had grown out of a pair of jeans.

the 20th century has seen remarkable changes in this once ________ country from an underdeveloped economy controlled by another country into a paradise for tourists.

he was accused of attempted murder after he ________ used a kitchen knife to attack officials who stormed his house to arrest him.

the new novel is highly praised by critics, not only for its beautiful language, but also for its unique way of expressing ________ for the author's homeland.

blinking helps ________ the surface of the eye with tears, washing away dust and other irritants and keeping the sight clear.

developments in robot technology may one day ________ human beings from the burden of heavy work in labor intensive industries.

it is really annoying that your friend has not turned ___ and you are unable to contact him when the train is about to leave.

taxi drivers are being alerted ___ an escaped prisoner, who is believed to have robbed a gun and have been seen on the way to frankfurt.

some passengers refused to get on board unless they got revenge ___ those hours spent sitting in lounges because of the airline delay.

apart ___ such isolated case of misconduct, it is clear that multi-national companies will continue to grow and expand in the world.

this international computer company will establish a special center dedicated ___ the prevention of software piracy to protect the interests of its customers.

multi-symptom cold medicines include a mix of ingredients, some of ________ may be useful and some not, depending on what your most severe symptoms are.

jack and i were riding in the back of a long black car, insulated from the heat and dust as it follows a deserted highway through a ________ desert landscape.

don't ________ a new business field without having done extensive homework – or preferably having worked in the field.

in a recent survey, public opinions were more ________ ided on whether the local government has improved education, moral values or the economy.

________ we have made great strides in treating serious illness, the progress comes at a great cost, with 16 percent of the nation's gross domestic product spent on heath care in 2007.

i was especially touched when the citizens of these towns made me a(n) ________ citizen and thanked me for telling the important story of their past glory.

________ that our former plans do not work out as we expect, what are you going to do to ensure the success of our project?

of course, not all gifted children are ________ to be a scientist in the future, but this does not mean that the spirit of science is of no use to them.

kate's $370-per-week unemployment payments started coming in, and we saw that we could just ________ on them if we squeezed out every penny.

the world of the ________ is to do with success, status, respect, money, desires of all kinds, and fears, that lead to unhappiness.

public disapproval ___ the way the government handled the current crisis has been demonstrated by more and more critical comments in the media.

such concepts as free markets and iniduali take __ different meanings when introduced into another country because they are also influenced by cultural and political differences.

i know the charms of my rival are too powerful for me to contend ______.

the park was designated ___ an area of outstanding natural beauty in 1975.

industry leaders, in turn, said the government needs to lead ___ example by improving the security of its own internet assets.



































创作的______________ 采用了唐诗作为歌词。









脱氧剂依据反应速度可以分为( )类型。

下面( )属于全面缓冲包装工艺方法。

产品脆值的评价方法主要有( )。

产品的化学性质主要有( )。

被包装产品的化学成分有( )三大类。

产品的溶化与产品的( )有关。

包装材料与包装容器统称为包装品,它与产品结合在一起构成( );这个过程叫包装工艺过程。

统计结果表明引起产品和包装件损坏的力学因素中,最主要的因素是冲击和( )所造成的损坏。

通常用( )表示产品不发生物理的或功能的损伤所承受的最大加速度值,用g表示。国外一般用产品破损前的临界加速度与重力加速度的比值表示。

防振包装法主要有三种,即( )、部分缓冲包装和悬吊式缓冲包装。

产品的机械性质系指产品在机械运动过程中引起其性质改变的特性,属( )性质。

包装件的清洗与( )是防锈包装的准备工序。

执行包装工艺就是要得到优质、( )和经济的包装件。

储运中产品的损坏主要有三个方面:装卸,运输和( )。

锈蚀的类型有两大类:( )和电化学锈蚀。









微生物呼吸的类型有( )、厌氧呼吸、兼性厌氧呼吸。

( )技术是在包装物、被包装物、包装辅助器材均无菌条件下、在无菌的环境中进行充填和封合的一种包装技术。

目前无菌包装采用的杀菌方法有:( )与非加热杀菌(冷杀菌)。

高温致死微生物的原理主要是引起( )凝固。

单细胞微生物的典型生长曲线可分为延迟期、( )、稳定期和衰老期四个阶段。

排除包装内潮气保持干燥的方法有两种:静态干燥法和( )干燥法。

常用的干燥剂有:( )、泡沸石、分子筛和铝凝脉等。

微生物进行分解代谢的同时,还进行( )代谢。


下列不属于石油中的非烃类化合物的是( )。

特性因数k值介于10.5~11.5时,通常将原油分类为( )。

含硫原油的硫含量范围通常是( )。

宋应星在其所著的( )一书中,详细记录了我国古代的石油的开采工艺。

我国大陆第一口油井是( )

被认为是近代石油工业诞生标志的是( )

下列不属于石油工业环境影响特征的是( )

石油主要是由三种烃类组成,即( )。

石油工业的主要特征包括( )

有机质向油气转化过程的主要生油阶段是( )

( )是最主要生油母质。

石油无机成油理论的岩浆说是下列哪位科学家提出来的( )

石油生成与迁移过程中,“天然榨油机”通常指的是( )

























油田注水的作用包括( )。
























石油生成与迁移过程中,“天然榨油机”通常指的是( )










沈括在其所著的( )中,第一次提出了石油的概念。













石油加工过程中,通常被认为是物理过程的加工装置是( )

石油加工中,目前最典型的热加工工艺是( )















石油生成与迁移过程中,“天然榨油机”通常指的是( )