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1.orientation (课程导入)

quiz 1

1、when the ethnocentric moslems look at european women, they sometimes say they are highly immodest and immoral because they are_______.
    a、too tall
    b、outside without any male chaperon
    c、independent and strong

2、which one of the following cases is not ethnocentric?
    a、england defined the world's meridians with itself on the center line, and longitude continues to be measured in degrees east or west of greenwich.
    b、the united states has traditionally conceived of itself as having a unique role in world history.
    c、willy brandt knelt down at the monument to victims of the warsaw ghetto uprising in december 1970.

3、“ethnocentrism”refers to“the tendency to regard one's own group and culture as intrinsically ________ to all others.”

4、everyone has ethnocentrism.

5、people of different cultures will interpret some phenomenon in the same way.

6、chinese people and the western people have different ways of thinking.

7、the definition of culture is a very simple concept.

8、even the chosen food between east and west reveals each of their different culture senses.

9、the comparison between east and west will only has its significance in similarity but not difference.

2. education (教育篇)

quiz 2

1、what is the dominant teacher-student relationship in china?

2、which of the following is not the meaning of agon?

3、who said “i love my teacher, but i love truth more.”?

4、did benjamin's parents allow his trying to put the key into the slot?

5、what did most chinese passers-by try to do when they saw benjamin?
    a、they tried to stop him.
    b、they tried to help him.
    c、they criticized his parents.

6、did benjamin's parents feel grateful to the help from chinese?

7、different cultures have an agreed idea about what to learn.

8、practical knowledge is much valued in chinese culture.

9、stereotypes are always biased, so they are useless.

10、both confucius and socrates supported student-centered heuristic teaching method.

11、confucius mainly employed lecturing and socrates mainly adopted questioning.

12、midwifery is another expression for the teaching method of socrates.

13、confucius emphasized learning from models, while socrates emphasized rediscovering oneself.

3. families and marriage (婚姻家庭篇)

quiz 3

1、the root of the word “marriage” can be found in _______?
    a、vulgar lantin
    b、old french
    c、old english

2、the term"xinlang"was first used in______dynasty.

3、what did the term"bridegroom"refer to in old english?
    a、bride's lord

4、what is the proper meaning of the word, 'patriarchy'?
    a、patriarchy is a social system where the emperor is the absolute head of the country.
    b、patriarchy is a social system where the mother/wife is the absolute head of the family.
    c、patriarchy is a social system where the father/husband is the absolute head of the family.

5、which one of the following 4 choices is not true of marriage in ancient society of patriarchy?
    a、marriage was settled when a man and a woman loved each other and decided to unite together.
    b、marriage was a way of getting in-laws.
    c、marriage was a way of making alliances.
    d、marriage was to expand labor forces in a family.

6、which one of the following 4 choices is not the challenge to love-based marriage nowadays?
    a、high divorce rate
    b、gay marriage
    c、left-over ladies

7、which one is not in the five cardinal relationships emphasized in confucianism?
    a、father and son
    b、elder brother and younger brother
    c、teacher and student

8、pursuant to e.c. nevis's modified model, which need is omitted from chinese hierarchy of needs?
    b、esteem need
    c、social need
    d、safety need

9、according to ruth benedict, it is reasonably implied that chinese culture is _____________.
    a、guilt culture
    b、shame culture

10、yongji told her father directly after she knew the assassination plan.

11、xiao primarily emphasizes the obligation of parents to children, as opposed to that of children to parents.

12、in the judeo-christian tradition, human beings own their existence to the heavenly father god.

4 humans and authorities (权威篇)

quiz 4

1、which of the following is not related to “monarch”?

2、what of the following cannot be used to legitimize a monarchy?
    b、mandate of heaven
    d、the divine right

3、what is wrong about the concept of the divine right of kings?
    a、this theory was well established around 800ad
    b、this concept was not become a dominant ideology until the 16th and 17th centuries.
    c、king james i was a staunch advocator of this theory.
    d、the power of king comes from god.

4、according to the video, the authority in a patriarchal family is usually represented by the senior man.

5、authority is not mere power in one’s hand. it also presupposes the recognition of the power from other people.

6、the central authority in empirical china is the emperor.

7、theocracy is the rule by a religious leader.

8、democracy is most common form of governance in human history.

9、oligarchy either flashed into human history or simply remained in theory.

10、as china is known for being a “nation of rites”, it has been under the rule of rites only.

11、kongzi believed rituals to be more effective than law in ruling people because they can develop a sense of shame and order themselves.

12、kongzi and shang yang didn’t think laws were to be enforced for the same purpose.

5 humans and their surroundings (自然与环境篇 )

quiz 5

1、in the myth of pangu, the universe was like a ______ at the very beginning.
    c、chicken egg

2、chinese creation myths mainly reflect the ideas of _______.

3、which of the following is not true?
    a、the myth of pangu presents a naturalistic idea of the world.
    b、pangu is not a creator of the world.
    c、the creation myths in china are not as influential as biblical myth in the west.
    d、in bible, humans are very special because they are the first creations of god.

4、what is inanimate among the following?

5、which of the following statement is not true?
    a、animate things have both physical bodies and an intangible component.
    b、in chinese philosophy, qi is not a form of matter, but some kind of energy.
    c、fengshui illustrates how qi flows.
    d、the western distinction of body and spirit, or animate things and inanimate things can only be found in genesis.

6、which of the following is right about yinyang?
    a、yin and yang can only be used to characterize things in china.
    b、yin and yang are absolutely in opposition with each other.
    c、yinyang system is a universal system that can be applied to anything theoretically.
    d、woman always has the characteristic of yin.

7、the key word in this unit, “surroundings” mainly refers to non-human surroundings.

8、according to the video, it seems that chinese tradition takes human as concentration of qi-energy, while the western tradition finds matter and spirit distinctive in human.

9、it can be inferred that knowing where we are from can explain our behavior towards natural environment.

10、now more and more people admit human beings is responsible for the present ecologic condition on the earth.

11、when it comes to man’s relation with the nature, chinese always hold similar thoughts with westerners.

12、it is the over-development of science and technology that leads human beings into ecological abyss.

6 worldviews and values (世界观与价值观篇)

quiz 6

1、mo-tsz argues that _______ cannot save the trouble times.
    c、love based on hierarchy

2、in western countries, the concept of ______ is somehow more important than _______________.

3、which one of the followings does mo-tsz disapprove?
    a、benefit the world
    b、moral values
    c、complex ritual

4、westerners believe that human nature is _______________.

5、according to mencius, which one is not in the four “origins of goodness” of human nature?
    b、feeling of shame and dislike
    c、modesty and complaisance
    d、filial piety

6、from his perspective, mencius insists that ____________ can uphold human goodness.
    a、hard work
    c、pious belief

7、confucians hold the argument that their love of “ren” is rooted in _______________.

8、the definition of “universal care” is _______________.
    a、only love your own family members.
    b、mutual care and benefit each other (regardless of the bloodline or inborn connections).
    c、sacrificing yourself in order to benefit the world.
    d、using the universality to replace the partiality.

9、compared to benevolence and universal care, the love in christianity pays more attention to _______________.
    a、god only.
    b、address the relationship between god and human beings.
    c、the combination of body, heart and soul.
    d、the sexual love

10、the reason adam and eve finally ate the apple was because they wanted to have the wisdom just like their creator, lord god.

11、adam and eve’s story is only a cautionary message the lord god send to the huam being.

12、in ancient china’s values, we believe the only way to get what we desire is to fight for it.